The purchase of real estate allows You to quickly obtain a permanent residence permit in Cyprus for the most favorable conditions in Europe.

Why Cyprus

350 sunshine days a year
High standard healthcare and education
Lowest crime rate in Europe
Lowest taxes in Europe
Excellent transport and telecommunications infrastructure
Member of the European Union
The highly developed sector of the legal and accounting services

Why Cyprus permanent residency

Option The Best Option Option Option Option Option
Malta Cyprus Hungary Spain Greece Portugal
Name of Program Permanent Residence in Malta by means of Investments Permanent Residence in Cyprus Permanent Residence in Hungary Residence Permit in Spain Residence Permit in Greece Residence Permit in Portugal
Amount of Investment 550,000 – 600,000 Euro (government bonds + property) 300,000 Euro (Purchase of Property) 300,000 Euro (government bonds) + 60,000 Euro fee 500,000 Euro (Purchase of one or several residential, commercial real estate as well as land) 250,000 Euro
(Purchase of Property)
500,000 Euro In some regions of Portugal the limit is reduced up to 350,000 Euro (Purchase of one or two property objects)
Validity Period Issued for 5 years with automatic extension in future Unlimited Unlimited Issued for five years and gets extended for unlimited number of times without any problems First Residence Permit is issued for 1 year, next it gets extended by two years twice and then for another 5 years The procedure in Portugal is as follows: 1+2+2 years. After 5 years a Permanent Residence Permit may be granted
Family Members Residence Permit applies for all members of the Investor’s family: children under the age of 18 years, the husband/wife and parents dependent on the applicant Applies for all members of the family, including children up to 25 years and parents from both sides Applies for the Investor and investor’s family members – husband/wife and children of minor age (under 18 years) Applies for Investor and investor’s family members – husband/wife and children of minor age (under 18 years) Applies for Investor and investor’s family members – husband/wife and children of minor age (under 18 years) All the family members of the applicant – wife, children of minor age and parents from both sides (charged extra) – can also participate in the program
Timeframe for obtaining documents 3 months 2 months 6 months 4 – 6 months 15 – 30 days 2 months
Obligation to visit the country Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Obligation to stay in the country (minimum days per year) 0 1 day within 2 years 0 7 days within the first year, 14 days within each of the two following years 0 7 days within the first year, 14 days within each of the two following years

Why You should choose our company:

  • we have been successfully working since 2003. During this time, our company helped to buy real estate and to leave for permanent residence in Cyprus hundreds of Russians, residents of the CIS and China;
  • our specialists will help to properly draw up the documents and take over all the main work related to obtaining a residence permit;
  • we offer all clients a wide range of real estate, the purchase of which entitles them to a residence permit.

Main terms & conditions

To obtain a residence permit in Cyprus, citizens of Russia or other countries need to buy real estate worth at least € 300 thousands without VAT. It can be 1 or 2 new objects from one builder. Before You get a Cyprus residence permit, You need to apply for it. You can do this only after paying € 200 thousands according to the value of the object. The contract of sale by this time should already be registered in the local land department.

Get a residence permit in a short time: the procedure usually takes about two months. The residence permit is granted not only to the applicant, but also to his family members, including children under 25.

The residence permit gives the right to live in the country all year round without leaving it.

The advantage of a Cyprus residence permit is that it does not require an extension and validity for whole life. To retain the right for Cyprus permanent residence, You do not need to live in the country every year for three months: it is enough to visit the island only once every two years. It is also necessary to open a deposit of € 30,000 for three years at any local bank.

The villas, have been specifically designed for the premium location of Agios Athanasios Hills in Limassol city, with approximately 200m above the sea level that allows magnificent views in all directions.

The land sets on a steep cliff and surrounded by the mountains, the city and the sea. The villas are arranged on the edge of the cliff like a lighthouse having spectacular unobstructed views of the surrounding sea. This key element powers each villa shape offering in parallel long panoramic views internally through engaging with the surrounding landscape. Towards south the user will enjoy sea views and views of the cosmopolitan town of Limassol, in north direction can enjoy picturesque mountain and landscape views.

The villas were designed to give a sense of contact with the water element inspired by the infinity swimming pool acting as the primary link of the internal space with external and panoramic views, creating as well a cooling sensation. The sustainable design allows the sun to warm up the house during winter and to protect the house from the sun during summer. The bioclimatic design of the villas, the cooling feeling through the contact of water and the use of sun are consistent in developing a highly dynamic and modern but also eco-friendly design.

The geometric form of the villas is generated through research to meld with the described dynamism of the topography and coalesce into the landscape. A strong architectural approach to distinct a unique structure with a strong sense of identity and character, infused with the sense of light and space. Answering these, a specially progressed façade designed to set the sights and creating spaces with visual continuity through elongated opening glazing walls.

The villas are arranged in three sections. The first are the organized spaces that manage the everyday internal functionality and social areas on ground floor. Second, is the signature building volume on first floor managing the very private spaces and needs. Third are the undergrounds that providing all the additional functional spaces that fulfill specific needs of the premium users of these villas.

In conclusion, the final building product is transforming the everyday functional space, literally into a “viewing tool”.