How to obtain Cyprus citizenship

Unlike most European countries, Cyprus allows you to become its citizen without much difficulty. Sunny and warm, it attracts the inhabitants of Russia not only as a resort, but also as a country for a potential place for living. In addition, many people want to have a Cypriot passport because of low crime rates, democratic prices and small cultural differences (for example, here, as in the CIS countries, the Orthodox religion is widespread). Moreover, now the county is a member state of the European Union. This means that after acquiring the citizenship of Cyprus, the EU will be open to you: the dual citizenship of Cyprus and the European Union provides many opportunities.

Ways of obtaining citizenship

How to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus to a Russian? You can do this in several ways, which will be discussed below.

  • Investments. About this method, almost everyone heard: to apply for Cypriot citizenship, you need to invest a certain amount of finance in the real estate of the country. This amount is 2 million euros excluding VAT. After three years of residence, the investor can sell what was purchased: although, even in this case, he must keep his own property for at least 500 thousand euros. This method is fast, but expensive and is suitable only for the well-to-do people. It is important to note that, the passport is issued not only to the investor, but also to his spouse and children, so that it is possible to become citizens of this country through marriage.
  • Seven years of residence in the country. To pass this way, you must first obtain a residence permit, then change it for permanent residence, and only then apply for the citizenship of Cyprus. Getting a passport takes quite long time: seven years, during which the country cannot be left permanently. However, this method avoids the significant financial costs that await those who decided to apply for citizenship in Cyprus through investments.

Residence permit and permanent residence

The procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit is different for EU citizens and people who are not. Holders of the EU passport can achieve residence permit much easier, but it is not so difficult for Russian citizens to do the same too. It is enough to buy any real estate and extend a residence permit every year. The resident does not have the right to work in this case. Permanent residence can be acquired either through an accelerated procedure, investing in real estate 300 thousand euros, or after five years living in the country without frequent trips (it is necessary to spend at least 180 days a year in the state). Residents can work, travel outside the country, and after seven years of life in the country they can apply for the citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus.

The villas, have been specifically designed for the premium location of Agios Athanasios Hills in Limassol city, with approximately 200m above the sea level that allows magnificent views in all directions.

The land sets on a steep cliff and surrounded by the mountains, the city and the sea. The villas are arranged on the edge of the cliff like a lighthouse having spectacular unobstructed views of the surrounding sea. This key element powers each villa shape offering in parallel long panoramic views internally through engaging with the surrounding landscape. Towards south the user will enjoy sea views and views of the cosmopolitan town of Limassol, in north direction can enjoy picturesque mountain and landscape views.

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